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Koncert Hall    20:00 • 23.04.2017

Price: 45 zł przedsprzedaż / 55 zł w dniu koncertu / 40 zł studenci i uczniowie

Our show features the Swing sounds of the 30/40s.  

What if Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross or Prince lived in the Swing Era?  How would Django Reinhardt interpret them?  Could The Beatles perform with the Duke Ellington orchestra?  What does Queen have to do with Manush?  

SUGAR PIE and her prolific CANDYMEN will show you!!!


Sugar Pie & Candymen is a quintet that rearranges Pop, Rock and Disco classics in the style of the Swing and Gypsy music of the 30s and 40s. The arrangements are made to recreate the “retro” club atmosphere, featuring lush and sophisticated vocal harmonies as well as the danceable, jazz rhythms of Charleston, Swing, Mambo and Boogie-woogie.


Within the same night you will hear (surprisingly, one next to another) Ray Charles, The Clash, Frank Sinatra, Led Zeppelin, Prince, Ella Fitzgerald, The Beatles, Guns & Roses and much the band will also perform the beloved standards of theSwing Era.  The show is complete.


The band is led by female vocalist "Sugar Pie" Georgia, a young singer with an amazingly mature and technically sound voice.  In her sparkling red dress and authentic 40s hairdo, she leads The Candymen, Jacopo Delfini, Renato Podestà, Dean Zucchero and Roberto Lupo through an elegant and spectacular show. It is graceful, exciting and unusually familier.

Please enjoy a preview of the band's videos and music at:

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