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Koncert Hall    20:00 • 22.06.2017

Price: 35 zł przedsprzedaż / 45 zł w dniu koncertu / 30 zł studenci (tylko w dniu koncertu)

Led by an incredible guitar player Gerry Jablonski, the band already proven its class during the last 4 tours in Poland. They combine the best elements of blues rock with their own unique energy and create a truly energetic music that allows them to enchant the audience with ease. They will prove their class once again in Free Blues Club!








Gerry Jablonski Band is a top blues act in United Kingdom. The leader of the band has been (and still is) one of the pillars of the british blues scene for over 30 years. He is a musician with wonderful technique and he can really enchant when he creates his guitar lines. Behind him stands a band that's just as talented. One the band's newest accquisitions is Pete Narojczyk - a Pole, who, accordning to Blues in Britain magazine, is the 3rd best harmonica player in the UK. Gregor Leslie is an outstanding bass player, whose instrumental proveness earned him a title of a "bass professor." The young, full of energy drummer Lewis Fraser replaced the late drummer Dave Innes (who collaborated, among others, with Fish from Marillion), who passed away after a long fight with cancer.


This scottish band managed to win the hearts of blues and rock lovers in Poland. Their gigs draw hundreds of fans. Their last album was deemed the 4th best foreign album (behind, among others, Eric Clapton) by the readers of Twój Blues (Your Blues) magazine. Gerry gave numerous radio and TV intervievs. During the last tour most of the concert halls were filled with the fans of the band and most of the tickets were sold long before the gigs. They also made themselves a household name with live shows in radio studios (Radio Centrum, Antyradio, Studenckie Radio Meteor) and intervievs in the most important media, not only blues and rock ones. Gerry could be seen in Poland in TV reportages by TVP (Polish Public TV) and heard in Polskie Radio (Polish Radio).

Enrichened with an addition of a "new blood", Gerry Jablonski Band, win the hearts of the good music lovers all over the Europe. In their own words: "Do yourself a favor – check out the best band you never heard of before the rest of the world catches on and they all want some."


Gerry Jablonski band is:

Gerry Jablonski – guitar, vocals

Pete Narojczyk – harmonica

Grigor Leslie – bass guitar

Lewis Fraser - drums





Tickets can be bought at the club (śr-so, po 19) and in:

FAN music salon(ul. Św. Wojciecha 1)

ROCKMAN music shop(Wyszyńskiego 12)


On the Internet –



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