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Koncert Hall    21:00 • 15.03.2019

Price: 40 zł przedsprzedaż / 50 zł w dniu koncertu

Jetbone is a funky Rock ‘n’ Roll band from Sundsvall, Sweden with the roots in the good old 60s & 70s style. The band is existing since 2008, melting down their special brew of groove and southern rock. During their high school years they merged together with a mutual interest in good music and talented bands. By mixing their different influences they developed their own style with dancing guitars, wild drums, a screaming organ and a funky bass all topped with melodic vocals. 


The members are Alin Riabouchkin on vocals and guitar, Gustav ”Gurten” Sjödin on vocals and bass, Sebastian Engberg on guitar, Tobias Bengtsson on piano and Albin Linder on drums. 


Jetbone have a new record Magical Ride that will be released in Europe trough Rootsy Music on the 16th of September 2016. The album is imbued with musical wideness, which reflects their shows where various choirs, percussion and brass ensembles come and go.


Jetbone has toured Spain, Russia, Sweden, and has together done over 300 shows throughout the years. They have supported bands like The Temperance Movement(UK), Electric Boys (US) and Sator (SWE) to name a few. The band’s welding, experience and love for music has made them designated as one of the most talented rock bands in Scandinavia. 



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